Services. Solutions.

We help our client’s achieve their cost savings and energy reduction goals with:

    • Strategic programs that drive sustainable energy optimization and cost savings
    • Economical & practical energy efficiency solutions with reasonable return on investment
    • Supplemental staffing with energy expertise

Energy Management Services

Our Certified Energy Managers (CEM's) have extensive experience resulting in a vast knowledge base. We have saved millions ($) by performing in-depth analyses and customizing energy solutions that suit each client's objectives.

Energy Management Services
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation Strategies
  • Building Energy Assessments
  • Energy Reporting
  • Awareness Training & Outreach Programs
  • Energy Rebates & Grant Applications
  • 3rd Party Verification and Validation
  • Project Management and Turnkey Services

Lighting Solutions and Design Services

Energy Sciences offers a host of lighting system solutions. We develop integrated programs that drive energy optimization, improve visual acuity, and minimize environmental footprint.

Our Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals (CLEP’s) identify the best technology for your application taking into consideration cost, performance and operating costs.

Lighting Solutions and Design Services
  • Retrofitting Services
  • Specifications & Design
  • Standardization of Components
  • Special Applications & Design Piloting
  • Efficient Parking Lot & Exterior Lighting
  • Project Management/Turnkey Projects

Staffing Solutions

Energy Sciences provides qualified energy professionals for temporary or full-time positions.  We match the talents of the best people in our industries to our client’s needs. 

Staffing Solutions
  • Energy Program Development & Implementation
  • On-Site Energy Engineers/Managers
  • Energy Monitoring/Reporting/Auditing
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing/MRO Programs